Dog Rides Bus to Dog Park in Belltown, Seattle By Herself: Watch Eclipse's Viral Journey!

Man’s best friend and now your fellow commuter! In Belltown, a neighborhood in Seattle, WA., a dog named Eclipse is making headlines by riding the bus to the local dog park on her own. 

The Black Lab/Mastiff mix belongs to owner Jeff Young, who said Eclipse’s first solo voyage happened by accident. After riding the bus with his dog numerous times, Young took a smoke break one day before heading to the public transportation. When he missed the bus, Eclipse took off without him, riding on his own.

What followed is the now-viral story from Seattle’s KOMO 4 station about Eclipse’s regular rides. 

“She’s been urbanized totally,” Young told reporters. “She’s a bus-riding, sidewalk-walking dog. If we get separated, she gets on the bus without me and I catch up with her later.”

Watch the clip now!