Dr. Phil's Car Stolen from Repair Shop

Dr. Phil was spotted with the top down on his classic Chevy convertible, in Beverly Hills, on Friday, August 3, 2012. Credit: X17online.com

Dr. Phil suffered a huge blow on Monday.

The TV psychologist, 61, is short one classic car after his 1957 Chevrolet convertible was stolen from a Burbank, Calif. auto repair shop.

TMZ reports that the star and classic car collector (full name: Phillip McGraw) had been attempting to start the beloved vehicle, suffering transmission problems, at his Beverly Hills home. He finally had the car transported via flatbed to the repair shop.

Hours later, the shop informed McGraw that the convertible, worth $100,000, had been stolen. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that the thiefs smashed a roll-up door at the repair shop in order to swipe the classic car.

Dr. Phil has yet to comment on the theft.