Elders React to Kim Kardashian's Nude Paper Magazine Cover: Watch Now!

What would grandma think? Though Kim Kardashian’s Internet-breaking Paper magazine photo shoot was the talk of the town back in November, not everyone had a chance to weigh in — until now. 

The popular YouTube series, Elders React, posted a new clip on Jan. 1, of a group of older, average citizens giving their candid reactions to the scandalous photo shoot. 

“Am I going to have to close my Christian eyes or what?” a man named Rock exclaimed in the video. 

The individuals in the group are then shown the series of shocking images, which feature Kardashian, 34, completely nude, showing off her famous backside — and more. 

“I’ve heard rumors about those kind of butts, but I’ve never seen one,” a man named Bill admitted, later adding, “I wonder if she just got implants in her ass, because it just looks like it.”

When it came time for the full-frontal images, a man named Don declared, “I’m in love, and it’s the real thing this time!”

Watch the clip to see how the women react!