Hank: I'll "Miss" Kendra's Boobs If She Gets a Breast Reduction

Credit: Isaac Brekken/WireImage.com

As reported in the new issue of Us Weekly, Kendra Baskett is mulling a breast reduction. They "went from a 34C to an E," during her pregnancy, she told Us. "Now that they're going down, they're a little bigger than I want."

Husband Hank Baskett disagrees.

The topic came up again during the couple's Thursday appearance on the George Lopez Show. "It's becoming a huge issue," Lopez said fan and media response to the potential reduction.

"I feel like I'm a little top heavy," Kendra, 24, said as the crowd objected to her breast-reduction plans.

Hank tried to be diplomatic. "You know I support her," he told Lopez. "[But] I'm definitely going to miss them, you know."

"I love my little hot-wife mom," Hank, 27, told Us of Kendra. (Hank IV was born Dec. 11.) "She takes the time to make sure she takes care of me too."