Heidi and Spencer Pratt Leave I'm a Celebrity... for Good

Heidi and Spencer Pratt have left the island -- for good. After several attempts to quit, rumors of torture and an emergency trip to the hospital, The Hills stars have officially quit I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!.

After the newlyweds spent a night in the "Lost Chamber," the other contestants welcomed them back into the competition on Monday night's two-hour episode.

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"I guess this is what we deserve for being cry babies," Spencer said during their 14-hour stay in the spider-filled room -- while the rest of the cast voted if they could remain on the show after quitting last week. Still, back at camp, Heidi and the newly religious Spencer didn't gain friends. "I don't believe him for a second," newcomer Daniel Baldwin said of Spencer. "This is the wolf in sheep's clothing."

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Even Janice Dickinson -- who took the Pratts' side in an argument over dry shampoo in a previous episode -- felt the wrath of Spencer, who warned her that he'll "Spence out" after she said Heidi sounded like a "drowned cat" when she sang. The drama continued when Heidi was hospitalized for a gastric ulcer. "I threw up at least 10, 15 times last night," said Heidi, who was treated at a Costa Rican hospital before being released. Spencer added: "If Heidi is sick, then I'm sick because we are of one flesh." At the end of the episode, fellow competitor Lou Diamond Phillips announced that the couple decided to leave the jungle to get medical care.

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"They will not be coming back to camp," he told his castmates. "They are no longer part of the competition. They are gone." Spencer -- who last week attempted to quit the show twice before leaving the jungle, and then begging to return -- said this was the "best decision" of their lives. "We gave it our all in the competition," he said. "Now, it's about health. At the end of the day, we went back in and proved it wasn't about us. This was a life-changing experience."

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Still, the I'm a Celebrity ranks continued to thin as Frances Callier, the remaining half of comedy duo Frangela, opted to follow evicted Angela Shelton. In yet another surprise, a new member will join the show. Unfortunately for the remaining contestants who were glad to see the Pratts leave, Heidi's sister, Holly Montag, will make her debut on Wednesday.