Helen Mirren Claims Hollywood Cougar Award at the Oscars

Academy Award Best Actress winner Helen Mirren thankfully put away her Golden Globes when she got dressed for the Oscars tonight. While her neckline revealed a little cleavage. it's nothing like the call-our-shrink-NOW plunging gown that had us staring at the 61-year-old's ta-ta's like we were back on January 15th. Of course, that wasn't enough to keep the boys (and, relatively speaking they are actually "boys") from panting. Jack Black, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly declared her "hot," and basically begged to get into her britches during a musical number. And on the red carpet, her Queen costar Michael Sheen confessed, "She attracts a lot of men, she certainly attracted me. It's a very bit of an odd feeling playing scenes opposite the queen, and thinking, 'She's sexy.'" Paging Dr. Freud, you're wanted at the Kodak Theater.