Human Ken Doll Justin Jedlica: "I Never Set Out to Look Like a Doll"

Celebrity News Aug. 1, 2014 AT 11:20AM

Life in plastic is fantastic for Justin Jedlica, a.k.a. the Human Ken Doll. But as he shares in an interview for Oprah Winfrey's Where Are They Now?, becoming a living doll was never his intention when he got the first of his 150 or so cosmetic procedures at age 18.

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"20/20 called me the Human Ken Doll. It was meant to be cute and catchy," the 33-year-old plastic surgery enthusiast explains in a clip from OWN's Aug. 3 episode, referring to his October 2012 segment on the ABC show. "I think of it in a comical way. I don't necessarily think I look like Ken. I never set out to look like a doll."

Not that he's complaining about the nickname. "All in all, the Ken Doll phenomenon for me has been a positive thing," he says. "It's something that's given me a new purpose, and it looks as though it may give me a career. So I can't really knock it. I'll be called the Human Ken Doll forever." 

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There are certainly worse things in life than people thinking he looks like Barbie's main man. "It's flattering," Jedlica told the Daily Beast in April. "As a kid, you play with Ken dolls and kind of assume that is what a handsome guy is supposed to look like."

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His main inspiration, though, was Japanese anime manga. "I find that much more appealing in all honesty than a Ken doll," he said at the time. "It's sort of that over-stylized, cartoonish version of human form [that I like]."

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