Project Runway Winner A No-Show At Fashion Week

Chloe Dao showed up and Malan Breton hit the catwalk, but where in the world was Jeffrey Sebelia? Last season's Project Runway winner decided to keep a low profile at New York Fashion Week, opting not to do a runway show, but instead focus his attention on business for his own clothing company, Cosa Nostra. "I do sales, and Im not that kind of guy," Sebelia told at the Vera Wang show. "If it wasn't on TV in front of 6 million people, it's not special enough to me. I'm going to find another location that's just more unique." Needless to say, the formerly cocky rock star designer had nothing but nice things to say about Runway star Tim Gunn's decision to leave Parson's School of Design for a position with Liz Claiborne. "Awesome. Good for Tim. I [go by] the phrase 'you do you,' he says. "If you are who are, then you're sexy. It's when people go out to be someone that they're not that it's not sexy to me." And what sexiness makes Sebelia's cut? "From now until the end of time, it will always be Kate Moss. That's it."

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