Tom Hanks has made a lot of movies! And if your memory was a little rusty as to exactly what they were, then James Corden came to the rescue on Monday, March 23, acting out a super-fast movie resume with the man himself.

Hanks was a guest on Corden's first CBS Late Late Show, and to make the evening special he teamed up with the new show host for an acting spectacular, donning costumes and getting into character almost instantly, to relive his favorite roles again.

Corden played the perfect sidekick, whether it was Hooch the dog in Turner and Hooch or Wilson the volleyball in Cast Away.

The swift-moving duo barely paused for breath in the impressive, fast-paced whizz through movie history, ending up in Andy's bedroom for a Toy Story medley, where Hanks' Woody and Corden's Buzz Lightyear finished off with a rousing rendition of the movie's "You've Got a Friend in Me."

Watch the whole awesome sketch in the video above.