Jimmy Kimmel's Celebrities Mean Tweeters Revealed -- Read Their Hilarious Reactions!

Cue Celine Dion's "It's All Coming Back To Me Now." Jimmy Kimmel Live aired its seventh edition of "Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets" on Wednesday, May 21, making audiences LOL -- and others cringe! In a hilarious turn, the mean tweeters themselves reacted to the celebrities reciting their hurtful comments after they watched the segment on live television.

Watch the video above for a refresher, and see some of the tweeters' responses, as first compiled by Vulture. (Spoiler: Some of the tweets plucked from JKL are two years old!)

Julia Roberts
@KEMOtehrapy7: OMG I FINALLY MADE CELEBRITY MEAN TWEETS!!! That was the only reason I made a twitter!

Emma Stone
@CLE_84: @JuanchoCnnz That tweet is every bit of 2 years old. Goes to show how far they had to search to find something. Terrible!

Mindy Kaling
@chipheuston94: I'm actually famous.

Matthew McConaughey
@dippi_mufc: Anyone who's wondering what a dick turd is, I don't think I even know? I think I may have to patent 'dick turd' at this rate

David Blaine
@YouDonKnowMe: @joswifey @jimmykimmel so funny! Should I feel bad?

Gary Oldman
@HoveyBenjamin: My apologies to Gary Oldman.

June Squibb
@ben1283: Wait. Did June Squibb really tell me to f--k off last night on Celebrities Read Mean Tweets?

Sofia Vergara
@MamaOwl_Kirby: Hello new followers! Sorry to say I'll be a disappointment, as I rarely tweet (and @jimmykimmel dug 2yrs deep to find the one about Sofia. @SofiaVergara I don't remember that tweet from 2+ yrs ago! But you handled my rudeness with grace and wit. My sincerest apologies!

Don Cheadle
@brianr28: how brutal was that delivery?