Jimmy Kimmel's Celebrities Mean Tweeters Revealed -- Read Their Hilarious Reactions!

Celebrity News May. 23, 2014 AT 4:20PM

Cue Celine Dion's "It's All Coming Back To Me Now." Jimmy Kimmel Live aired its seventh edition of "Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets" on Wednesday, May 21, making audiences LOL -- and others cringe! In a hilarious turn, the mean tweeters themselves reacted to the celebrities reciting their hurtful comments after they watched the segment on live television.

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Watch the video above for a refresher, and see some of the tweeters' responses, as first compiled by Vulture. (Spoiler: Some of the tweets plucked from JKL are two years old!)

Julia Roberts
@KEMOtehrapy7: OMG I FINALLY MADE CELEBRITY MEAN TWEETS!!! That was the only reason I made a twitter!

Julia Roberts on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Julia Roberts on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Emma Stone
@CLE_84: @JuanchoCnnz That tweet is every bit of 2 years old. Goes to show how far they had to search to find something. Terrible!

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Mindy Kaling
@chipheuston94: I'm actually famous.

Mindy Kaling on JKL
Mindy Kaling on JKL

Matthew McConaughey
@dippi_mufc: Anyone who's wondering what a dick turd is, I don't think I even know? I think I may have to patent 'dick turd' at this rate

David Blaine
@YouDonKnowMe: @joswifey @jimmykimmel so funny! Should I feel bad?

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Gary Oldman on JKL
Gary Oldman on JKL

Gary Oldman
@HoveyBenjamin: My apologies to Gary Oldman.

June Squibb
@ben1283: Wait. Did June Squibb really tell me to f--k off last night on Celebrities Read Mean Tweets?

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Don Cheadle reading his mean tweet on JKL
Don Cheadle reading his mean tweet on JKL

Sofia Vergara
@MamaOwl_Kirby: Hello new followers! Sorry to say I'll be a disappointment, as I rarely tweet (and @jimmykimmel dug 2yrs deep to find the one about Sofia. @SofiaVergara I don't remember that tweet from 2+ yrs ago! But you handled my rudeness with grace and wit. My sincerest apologies!

Don Cheadle
@brianr28: how brutal was that delivery?

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