Jon Gosselin Drops Custody Battle

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On Friday's Today show, Kate Gosselin said she is in a better place today than she was a year ago.

"2009 was one that I prefer to erase if I could," she said while promoting her new TLC show Kate Plus Eight (premiering Sunday). "2010 was the marker for me that it was going to be a better year ... shambles, no more -- so far, we're in a good place."

For one, her ex Jon has dropped his battle to seek full custody of their eight children.

"Generally speaking, things are good at this moment," she said of relations with her ex.

June 12 marks what would be her 11th wedding anniversary.


"To me, I feel like it's another day in this year of positivity and moving forward ..." she said. "I am going to plunge ahead ... and think good thoughts.":