Jon Gosselin Has Run-in With Levi Johnston

Credit: New York Daily News

Talk about a photo op.

Levi Johnston, the former fiance of Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol (and father of son Tripp), and Jon Gosselin, of TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8, bumped into each other in NYC's Times Square Sunday night.

Johnston, 19, and Gosselin, 32, are set to appear on a panel for the syndicated entertainment show The Insider.

Lately, both have seemed to dominate headlines.

Former Alaska Gov. Palin has said Johnston has a "desperate need for attention" for posing in Playgirl (his shoot takes place next week).

Jon's estranged wife Kate has also slammed him for his antics.

During a Nov. 2 TLC special, she remarked, "Our goals just very much changed. Our visions changed. My goals didn't change as a mom. I just think somewhere along the line, his goals changed. They felt possibly detrimental to me, and possibly detrimental to me and the kids."