Justin Theroux Once Skipped a ‘Friends’ Audition: 'I Slept in That Day'

Justin Theroux attends the season 3 premiere of "The Leftovers" at Avalon Hollywood on April 4, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Justin Theroux could have met Jennifer Aniston years ago! In an interview with Mr. Porter magazine published on Thursday, August 17, the Leftovers actor, 46, revealed that early on in his career, he decided to skip an audition for a role on Friends — the beloved ‘90s sitcom that made his now-wife, Aniston, 48, a household name.

Of skipping the audition, Theroux admits: “I didn’t bother. I slept in that day. I wouldn’t have been prepared for [the fame].”

The couple, who met in 2007 on set of Tropic Thunder, didn’t start dating until they costarred in 2010’s Wanderlust. The pair tied the knot in August 2015.

The hunk went on to say how the pressure of fame can sometimes interfere with a celebrity’s sense of self. “I think it does drive people insane and you can tell who those people are in the world,” he pointed out. “You have to be the guardian of your own senses. If a tree falls in the forest and you’re not there to see it, you know.”

Theroux continued: “But for the most part, it’s not as pervasive in our lives as people think. Occasionally you’ll get whacked by something. It’s definitely something you have to analyze and come to terms with. Which I think [my wife] has done very elegantly and pretty effortlessly.”

The Girl on the Train star also noted that his heightened celebrity status hasn’t changed him. “I think I came into our relationship the same person as I am now.” And while the star remains true to himself, he did acknowledge that the media sometimes portrays him in a false light, “It’s just not a part of me. There’s this slightly insane person running around on the covers of tabloids who is mentally ill, clearly.”

The Horrible Bosses actress echoed her husbands sentiments in the interview, saying: “At first you think he could be like a serial killer, but he is actually the nicest person in the world.”

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