Kathy Griffin: "Kate Gosselin Is My New BFF!"

Celebrity News Sep. 21, 2009 AT 5:30PM
Kathy Griffin: "Kate Gosselin Is My New BFF!" Credit: Kristian Dowling/Getty Images; David Aguilera/BuzzFoto /FilmMagic

Kate Gosselin has a new best friend.

Kathy Griffin, who recently spoofed the mother of eight for Jimmy Kimmel Live, admits that she gets along with the reality star.

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"Kate Gosselin is my new BFF," she told Usmagazine.com at the Emmy Awards on Sunday in L.A. "We had a really nice chat one-on-one."

The two met on the set of The View on Friday, when Gosselin, 34, was a guest co-host and Griffin, 48, was promoting her new book.

"I sort of forced her to go into one of the dressing rooms at The View with me and have a chit-chat," she told Us. "I like her! She's easy, breezy."

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The comedian told Us she gave the matriarch advice on how to lighten up a bit.

"We talked about what she needs to have a sense of humor about, and she was very gracious," Griffin said. "She said she watched my spoof of her online and really found herself laughing."

Still, she admits she wasn't "terribly surprised" she took a liking to Gosselin "because I'm more Team Kate anyway." Griffin added that estranged husband Jon "is such a toolbox and so clearly seems to be out of control."

Will they hang out again?

Griffin hopes so: "I gave her my phone number!"

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