Katie Couric Teaches Sofia Vergara a Sexy Dance Move on Talk Show

Now this is something you don't see everyday. Katie Couric took it upon herself to teach Sofia Vergara a "sexy" dance move on her talk show, Katie, on Monday, April 28. 

The Modern Family actress was on the talk show to promote her latest film, Fading Gigolo, in which she stars alongside Sharon Stone and John Turturro.

Before the two started shaking it, Vergara revealed to Couric, "I got to do a threesome with Sharon Stone and John Turturro [in the movie]."

The voluptuous actress laughed it was nerve-wracking for her, but for Basic Instinct's Stone, "it was like a piece of cake."

"For two weeks before the scene, I was like, 'How am I going to do this?' And she was super nice with me when I arrived. She took over and … said, 'This is going to be easy … just do what I tell you to do,'" Vergara said. 

When asked if she likes to dance, the 41-year-old answered: "I'm Latin! It's in my blood."

Couric, 57, then proceeded to teach Vergara a "sexy" dance move of hers called "The Lotion."

Watch the clip above to see for yourself!