Kelly Clarkson: "I've Never Been in Love"

Credit: Kevin Winter/NBCUniversal/Getty

Kelly Clarkson has a lot of good things going for her: two Grammy awards, four multiplatinum albums, a diehard fan base. One thing she doesn't have? A boyfriend.

In an interview with USA Today, the 29-year-old American Idol winner and "Mr. Know It All" singer reveals she's never been in love.

"I've never experienced certain things, and I think that's because I have this side of me that is shut off," Clarkson says. "Because I haven't found anybody yet to open to that I feel like, 'OK, you're worth breaking down that wall for.' I've never found that."

Though Clarkson is still searching for The One, she doesn't want to get married until her late 30s. "Statistically, if you wait that long, you're not going to get divorced," she explains.

Clarkson says her nonstop touring schedule makes it nearly impossible to find Mr. Right. "It's really hard to date when I'm on four different continents in a week," she says. "Even if I do meet a great guy, I ain't ever gonna see him. There's only so much you can do with Skype!"