Kendall and Kylie Jenner Recoil After Woman Calls the Kardashians "Slutty" on Prank Show

You can call them crazy, but not slutty. Kendall and Kylie Jenner helped prank an unsuspecting victim on Deal With It, a hidden camera prank series hosted by Howie Mandel -- but the reality stars ended up being the recipients of a rather rude comment, instead.

A preview clip features the Jenner girls, ages 18 and 16, feeding lines to a guy through an earpiece as he's seated at a restaurant with a woman. The man is instructed by Kylie and Kendall to call her "crazy like the Kardashians." 

Miffed, she responds, "No, I'm not that slutty."

The Jenner sisters immediately recoil, and scheme for their own payback. With the blessing of the show's producers, the two stars make their way over to the restaurant while Mandel takes over.

The unsuspecting woman, meanwhile, tells off the guy across the table that he's "annoying" and "not crazy mental." As she continues her tirade, the two stars nonchalantly walk into the restaurant and take the table immediately next to the couple.

Watch what happens in the hilarious clip and see how the Jenner girls enact their revenge Wednesday, on TBS' Deal With It.