Kim Kardashian: I'm Not Jealous of Kourtney's Body

Credit: Steven Lawton/FilmMagic

Kim Kardashian is slamming tabloid In Touch for claiming in its latest issue that she is jealous of her sister Kourtney's body.

"It’s so funny how ridiculous this is," she writes on her website. "I am so proud of Kourtney!! She had Mason less than a year ago and is at her skinniest. She looks amazing and is an inspiration to new moms everywhere!!!"

Kim, 29, admits she and her 31-year-old sis "have such different bodies."But to say that she's jealous is "just ridiculous," she says.

Adds the E! reality star, "I embrace my body the way it is, as every woman should. There is no such thing as a '[weight war,' dolls!"