Kim Kardashian Shares Bikini Picture of Her "Lady Lumps"

Kim Kardashian shares a picture of her tanning her famous booty. Credit: Courtesy of Kim Kardashian

Step aside, Fergie! Kim Kardashian gave a whole new visual to "lady lumps" on Thursday, July 17.

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The reality star, 33, posted a photo of herself on Instagram, showing her tanning her famous derriere in Mexico with the caption: "#OurLovelyLadyLumps"


Wearing yellow bikini bottoms and no top, Kanye West's wife relaxes on a lounge chair while soaking up the sun at good friend Joe Francis' house, Casa Aramara, in Punta Mita, Mexico. Next to North West's mom, Francis' pregnant girlfriend Abbey Wilson's baby bump is on full display; the blonde is expecting twin girls with the Girls Gone Wild creator later this year.

Kardashian has been vocal about keeping herself in tip-top shape as of late.


On Tuesday, July 15, North West's mom shared a throwback photo reminiscing about her "skinny days," adding she was hitting the treadmill "right now."