Lady Gaga and Beau Luc Carl Back On!

Celebrity News Jun. 17, 2011 AT 3:02PM
Lady Gaga and Beau Luc Carl Back On! Credit: National Photo Group

What breakup?

One month after announcing their split on England's The Graham Norton Show, Lady Gaga, 25, has reconciled with musician and bartender Luc Carl, 30.

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The "Edge of Glory" singer -- who told the talk-show host, "I don't have a boyfriend" -- now says she stretched the truth. Indeed, the New York-born star admits she has been less than forthcoming when discussing her love life in interviews, telling Us Weekly, "I sometimes skirt questions about it -- and maybe not honestly."

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Still, a source confirms to Us that the couple of one year did split briefly. "They had a little fight," says the pal. "I think the breakup lasted a week or two."

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Adds the insider, "They are totally back together now."

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