Lena Dunham Fails a Girls Buzzfeed Quiz, Justin Bieber Tweets About Post-Arrest Life: Top Tweets

Celebrity News Feb. 19, 2014 AT 8:00PM
Lena Dunham and Justin Bieber Lena Dunham and Justin Bieber made it into the top celeb tweets you may have missed. Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic; Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Girls creator and star Lena Dunham had an embarrassing moment when she took the "Which Girls Character Are You?" Buzzfeed quiz and got Allison Williams' character Marnie instead of her own Hannah. Plus, Justin Bieber has a message for his fans following his January arrest. See Us Weekly's roundup of the top 10 celebrity tweets you may have missed!

1. Lena Dunham: "Took this Girls quiz and I got Marnie, so I guess the apocalypse is coming?"

2. Justin Bieber: "I see all your comments. Keep strong. Be the best that you can be. Much love."

3. Selena Gomez: "Its not about what you have, its what you can give. Whatever it is. #sup #goodmorning"

4. John Legend: "Puddy's trying to make the string quartet a quintet."

John Legend
John Legend
Credit: Courtesy John Legend

5. Ellen DeGeneres: "I think I've been watching too much figure skating. At Starbucks this morning I ordered a triple salchow mochaccino."

6. Seth Green: "For the record, I actually think Ben Afleck is a great actor, fantastic writer & excellent director." 

7. Kim Zolciak: "I have worked a few days here and there  since I had the twins. I made sure to take time off this time BUT next week I'm back at it."

8. James Franco: "Lena is the new chucky. No, but really, she's awesome! I love her!!!!!"

James Franco
James Franco
Credit: Courtesy James Franco

9. Melissa Rauch: "'I didn't mean to! It was really soapy...I dunno...I may have been on the phone…' - A babysitter who threw the baby out with the bathwater."

10. Rebecca Black: "my cat didn't pee on my bed all day so in my opinion it's been a great day."

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