This Leonardo DiCaprio Video Game Gives New Meaning to the Oscars Race

He's even cute in cartoon form. A new video game, Leo's Red Carpet Rampage, is playing on the fact that six-time Oscar nominee Leonardo DiCaprio is tipped to finally win an Academy Award this year.

The fun arcade game, which you can play at, allows you to help a teeny-tiny tuxedo-clad DiCaprio sprint down the red carpet to grab his elusive little gold trophy.

But, as the Revenant star knows, the path to an Oscar isn't easy. The game's makers warn of obstacles: "Beware of pushy photographers and watch out for Lady Gaga… and icebergs." (Titanic reference!)

The game begins with DiCaprio's character saying, "Hi, I'm Leonardo DiCaprio, and I really need to win the Oscar! Let's do this!"

Using the G and H keys and your space bar to run and jump over obstacles, you help little Leo race down the red carpet (looking a bit like Super Mario), picking up Emmy, SAG and BAFTA awards along the way. 

If you're lucky, you'll get to bonus rounds that even include references to DiCaprio's quaalude-fueled character in The Wolf of Wall Street. There's even a speed race against fellow Best Actor Oscar nominee Eddie Redmayne as The Danish Girl.

The 88th Academy Awards will air on ABC on Sunday, February 28, at 7 p.m. EST.

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