Levi Johnston: Palin Baby "Looks More Like Me"

Celebrity News Feb. 5, 2010 AT 11:03AM
Levi Johnston: Palin Baby "Looks More Like Me" Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for GQ; AP Photo/Al Grillo

Levi Johnston, reporting for Daddy Duty!

Although the 19 year-old ex-fiance of Bristol Palin has limited time with baby Tripp (an arrangement he may contest in court) Johnston knows one thing for sure: "He looks more like me," he tells Entertainment Tonight. "Everyone I've talked to says he looks more like me."

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As per a current custody agreement, the one-time Playgirl model only sees Tripp once a week: every Saturday from 9 to 2. ET's cameras follow the young dad on custody day as he drives Tripp through snowy Alaska streets, gives him a bath in the sink, hangs out in a stocked new playroom at Johnston's home and, yes, diaper changing. No complaints here, Johnston says. "You've got to do it." he says. "Everything is awesome."

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He sadly explains that he missed Tripp's first birthday party held by the Palin clan. "I wish I was there for that but I couldn't be," he says. "He looked really cute in all the pictures and I am glad. Just seeing him happy is good, even though I'm not there."

Despite their split, he and Bristol keep it civil for Tripp's sake. "She tells me if something's new, but, you know, it is as far as we get," he says, noting that daughter of Republican star Sarah Palin called him when Tripp first said "Dad."

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The exes even got together for a family meal in Anchorage. Mother, father and baby had "dinner, just the three of us, and got him some ice cream. It was pretty fun. We just got to be good parents and work with each other. We keep conversation to Tripp and that's about it."

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Last month, court documents revealed that Bristol Palin, 19, is demanding $1750 a month in child support -- retroactive to their son's Dec. 27, 2008 birth. In a sworn statement, Palin said: "I have received limited and sporadic financial assistance from Levi."

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