Lily Aldridge Buys Her Own Sports Illustrated Cover; Jimmy Fallon Tweets After Tonight Show Debut: Top 10 Tweets

Lily Aldridge bought two copies of her own Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover on Feb. 18 Credit: Courtesy Lily Aldridge

Cover model Lily Aldridge joined the hordes of people buying Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue, while Jimmy Fallon experienced a little letdown after his big Tonight Show debut: See Us Weekly's roundup of the top 10 celebrity tweets you may have missed!

1. Lily Aldridge: "Buying my first (2) copies of @si_swimsuit!!! So exciting!!!"

2. Jimmy Fallon: "And then there was Tuesday."

3. Ellen DeGeneres: "Happy Birthday @DrDre. I love @BeatsMusic. Best thing to happen to music since the cowbell. You really put that medical degree to good use." 

4. Hugh Laurie: "I dream of a day when every person on earth will have their own language. Also national anthem, currency, and electrical sockets."

5. Seth Meyers: "Why I love Olympics: Ice dancing starts, I hate ice dancing. Ice dancing ends, ice dancing is the best!"

6. David Spade: "I hurt myself skiing in Utah. I fell and my gun went off. I'm a biathlete, folks! #sochi"

7. Joan Rivers: "No longer feeling like the Dalton Trumbo of late-night TV! Thank you @JimmyFallon for having me on your first Tonight Show @FallonTonight!"

8. Courteney Cox: "Today is #NationalDrinkWineDay. Can do!"

9. Abigail Breslin: "'What is Sharleen?' -Clare... A human, Clare. Sharleen would be a human. #TheBachelor"

10. Rainn Wilson: "The NFL should call the off-season 'arrest season.'"