Little Girl Gets Smacked By Soldier After Graciously Curtsying, Meeting Queen — Watch!

A little girl was accidentally smacked by a soldier after meeting Queen Elizabeth Credit: Express Newspapers via AP Images

Right place, wrong time! An adorable blonde 6-year-old named Maisie greeted Queen Elizabeth II with a perfect little curtsy on Thursday, June 11, at the Colours Parade for the Royal Welsh Regiment in Cardiff, Wales — but was smacked by a soldier after her big moment. The slap, of course, was accidental. As the soldier snapped his hand to salute the queen, his hand caught the little girl’s face.

“Maisie's big moment,” a local news outlet captioned a video of the adorable Welsh girl greeting the Queen with flowers before her hat went flying off her head.

According to the local news site, Queen Elizabeth didn’t seem to notice the mishap, but the soldier immediately turned around to make sure Maisie was okay.

Maisie’s mom told the site that her little girl, who was “overcome with emotion,” was fine, just tired from waiting all morning to meet the royal.

Queen Elizabeth was presenting the Royal Welsh Regiment with their new colors in a ceremony as formal recognition of The Royal Welsh.

Watch the clip above!