Loose Talk: 10 Best Celeb Quotes of the Week

Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage.com (2)

Celebs say the darndest things!

In this week's Loose Talk, take a look back at the outrageous things the stars said this week.

1. "I don't watch reality TV! Never saw a Kardashian, but those bitches should be dropkicked down a freeway!" -Cher on Bridezillas, Twitter

2. "[Therapy] has been such a great tool, and my therapist told me that I passed with flying colors, but we'll see how things go." -Amanda Seyfried, Glamour

3. "It's funny: when it's your child those things don't smell bad," -Jane Krakowski on her son Bennett's poop, Us

4. "You starved me all night, liquored me up, and talked my ear off, you cocky bastard." -Tori Spelling's feelings towards her worst date ever, ToriSpelling.com

5. "I've never seen them look so big!" Khloe Kardashian on Kim's boobs, Lucky

6. "It's very nice just playing with [my sister's baby] and then as soon as it becomes difficult, you just hand it off." Seth Rogen, iVillage

7 "Martha does everything better! You can't win! I grew up with a glue gun pointed at my head." -Alexis Stewart, Whateverland

8. "I did bartend for a few weeks at a bikini bar while I was in college. My outfit was a tank top, shorts and sneakers. SORRY, no bubbies there." -Melissa Gorga on stripper rumors, MelissaGorga.co

9. "We can just start pumping out babies." -Kris Humphries to Kim Kardashian, Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event

10. "I'm not that good looking. I think I'm a pretty weird-looking guy." -Ryan Gosling, Chicago-Sun Times