Melissa Rycroft Has Swine Flu

Credit: Kristian Dowling/Getty Images

Melissa Rycroft has revealed that she has swine flu.

"I am indeed recovering from a bout of the H1N1 flu virus," the former Bachelor star, 26, tells exclusively. "Like most people who become infected, I thought I had a mild case of the common flu, but when my symptoms exacerbated, I immediately went to the hospital where I was diagnosed with H1N1 and given the proper medications to cure the infection."

She said she learned a lesson from fiance Tye Strickland's mother, who is a nurse: Get checkups and get better.

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"I want to stress to people how easy it is to battle this flu when you take the proper steps such as seeking the care of a doctor," she tells Us. "I'm a clear case that by paying diligent attention to your health, it's easy to overcome this illness and be healthy again."