Michael Lohan: Lindsay Shouldn't Go to Jail Today

Credit: Alexandra Wyman/WireImage.com

Lindsay Lohan returns to court today -- but her estranged father Michael hopes that a judge doesn't throw her behind bars.

The actress, who turned 24 Friday, faces a probation violation hearing in connection to her three-year drug and alcohol case. If a fed-up judge determines that she hasn't fully complied with her probation terms, she will be taken into custody immediately.

"I'll be there to support Lindsay," Michael tells the New York Daily News. "And if the judge wants to give her jail time, I'll say that's not what she needs. Recidivism is so high when someone with a drug problem goes to jail."

Michael has long maintained that his daughter is addicted to prescription drugs. In the Daily News interview, he even says that as long as prescription drugs are "in the mix, she'll never be 100 percent and have her career back. She can get off them with proper treatment, not jail."

The actress strongly denies being addicted to prescription drugs.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, her mother Dina told UsMagazine.com: "All is great."