Michelle McGee Laughs: "I Wasn't the Only One!"

Credit: NFphoto.com

Michelle McGee - the first woman to publicly allege an affair with Sandra Bullock's husband Jesse James - had a good laugh Thursday as three other women also claimed to have flings with the 40-year-old biker.

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"I wasn't the only one.. Lol," she Twittered.

She also lashed out on Facebook, writing: "For all you internet warriors on here talking shit...it's easy to place judgement [SIC] when your sitting behind a keyboard. Get off your G***** high horse, your s*** don't smell like roses either. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone...in other words F*** YOU"

The new Us Weekly reports that McGee, 32, spoke out against James last week mostly for money (she earned a reported $30,000).

Her other reason: "She got pissed Jesse was stringing her along," photog pal Mark Glass tells Us. "That's her personality, you screw with me, I'll screw with you."