Miguel: "Black People Are the Most Judgmental People in the World"

Celebrity News May. 28, 2013 AT 7:40PM
Miguel: "Black People Are the Most Judgmental People in the World" Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty

Miguel's latest controversy is no accident. One week after the "How Many Drinks?" singer unintentionally kicked a fan in the face during his performance at the Billboard Music Awards, the 27-year-old went on a Twitter rant May 27.

VIDEO: Miguel accidentally kicks a fan in the face

"I'm proud of my heritage, but honestly, black people are the most judgmental people in the world. Sh-t's sad, man," the BET Award winner wrote. "We've been conditioned, pre-programmed to hate ourselves. That's why I appreciate those who choose to think and act for themselves regardless of ethnicity or culture."

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Miguel continued, "The problem can not be fixed until the problem is recognized. Not everyone is the same thank goodness. And obviously, I love all my fans. Of course everyone is judgmental. I just personally believe we are the most critical of our own."

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Though Miguel's comments divided his Twitter followers, he did receive messages of support from DJ Ruckus and singer Emma Nyra.

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