Miley Cyrus Jokingly Attacks Avril Lavigne -- "Dumb F--kin' Bitch!": Watch Here!

Celebrity News Apr. 1, 2014 AT 1:00PM

Epic pop star brawl? Think again! After visiting Montreal and Toronto for her Bangerz Tour, Miley Cyrus thinks she owns Canada. But real-life Canadian Avril Lavigne decided to teach her a lesson in a hilarious new Instagram video. 

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In the clip, Cyrus, 21, is reading a fake magazine with Lavigne on the cover, complaining that she's not the hottest thing in Canada. 

The "Girlfriend" singer, 29, walked in and informed Cyrus, "I'm actually, like, the most famous person in Canada." 

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Avril Lavigne fights Miley Cyrus in an April Fool's joke.
Avril Lavigne fights Miley Cyrus in an April Fool's joke.
Credit: courtesy of Avril Lavigne

This provoked Cyrus, wearing a Rastafarian-striped onesie with a giant pot leaf on the front, to fly into a mock rage, jumping up and attacking Lavigne. 

"I may not be Canadian, but I'm the most famous person in Canada, ya dumb f--kin' bitch!" she screamed, as the pair pretended to fight. 

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Lavigne posted photos from the brawl, writing, "F--k you Miley," followed by, "April fools."

Tell Us: Who would you pick to win this fake fight?

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