Nasim Pedrad Not Likely to Return to Saturday Night Live: Kim Kardashian Impersonator's Role on Mulaney Conflicts

Nasim Pedrad may not return to SNL because of Mulaney. Credit: Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Aw, man! Nasim Pedrad hinted she's not likely to return to Saturday Night Live while speaking on a panel at ATX Television Festival on Sunday, June 8.

The funny woman, who is best known for impersonating Kim Kardashian and Arianna Huffington on SNL, has joined FOX's multi-camera comedy Mulaney and likely won't be returning for the NBC hit's 40th season.

"I haven't heard any official word so far, but I love this show so much," the actress said of Mulaney. "I have an apartment in L.A. and, as far as I know, I'm in L.A. now," she added. (Mulaney films in Los Angeles, while SNL films live in New York City.)

Pedrad further hinted she's moved on by adding that most SNL cast members join the sketch comedy series in hopes of it leading to a bigger opportunity. The actress added that if there were a way to do both, she would. "But I think we're all in with his show," she added.

Mulaney, which is based on SNL writer John Mulaney's life, also stars Elliott Gould, Seaton Smith and Zack Pearlman. Pedrad plays Jane, one of John's roommates and a personal trainer.