Newly Single Kris Humphries Builds "Man Cave" in Minnesota Home

Credit: Donald Bowers/Getty

Now that Kim Kardashian is out of the picture, Kris Humphries can finally have the bachelor pad of his dreams.

To do so, the 26-year-old NBA player called upon Jason Cameron to help bring some masculine energy to his Minnesota home.

Cameron, 42 -- who hosts DIY Network's Man Caves and Desperate Landscapes -- wasn't the only one helping Humphries redecorate. Former Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle and current FOX sideline analyst Tony Siragusa, 44, spent Wednesday afternoon tweeting about their progress.

The remodel will appear on an upcoming episode of Man Caves, according to Siragusa's Twitter. "This is gonna be a great [episode]," he wrote.

"His bedroom is now a man cave," Siragusa added. "Use it up bro!"

Humphries final verdict? "It looks awesome!" he tweeted.

Siragusa also took a dig at Humphries' soon-to-be ex-wife, 31. "Kim Kardashian, you made some bad decisions, but this one's stupid!" he spewed.

No word yet when Humphries' episode of Man Caves will air on the DIY Network.