Newlywed Rachel Weisz: "I'm Still a Blushing Bride"

Celebrity News Nov. 20, 2011 AT 12:27PM
Newlywed Rachel Weisz: "I'm Still a Blushing Bride" Credit: Bowers/Getty Images

Rachel Weisz's love for Daniel Craig has only grown stronger since their June wedding -- but that doesn't mean she's comfortable talking about it.

"I'm sorry," she tells The Telegraph with a smile. "I'm a newlywed. I'm still a blushing bride and it's really private. I can't tell you anything. Come back to me later."

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Just one year ago, Weisz, 41, split up with her partner of nine years, Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky. Shortly after, she began dating Craig, 43, who had recently broken up with his longterm fiance Satsuki Mitchell.

Weisz and Craig fell in love while shooting the psychological thriller Dream House, and unsurprisingly, the actress says she "really enjoyed working with him."

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"We have actually known each other a long time, since our early twenties," Weisz explains, adding that they performed together on the play Les Grandes Horizontales. "He is a very good actor."

The actress -- who has a 5-year-old son, Henry, from her relationship with Aronofsky -- is equally private when asked about her plans to have children with Craig.

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"I read that I wasn't drinking alcohol because I was pregnant. It's not true," she tells The Telegraph. "I was asked [about having children] recently by a journalist and I think I said, 'You never know,' and it was turned into something else entirely."

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