Obama's Speech Tops Idol, Oscars in Ratings

Barack Obama didn't just draw 80,000 supporters to Invesco Field in Denver for his address to the Democratic National Convention -- he also garnered 38 million television viewers, TV Decoder reports. The rating means more people watched him accept his party's nomination on Thursday night than the Olympics opening ceremony in Beijing, the American Idol finale or this year's Academy Awards. The speech was also the most-watched convention in history. In comparison, John Kerry's speech in 2004 drew 24.4 million viewers and George W. Bush's was watched by 27.5 million.

Watch Barack Obama's acceptance speech.

Emotional stars like Oprah Winfrey had nothing but praise for the historic event. "Just seeing him on stage, I cried my eyelashes off," Winfrey told Entertainment Tonight.

Watch Oprah Winfrey and other stars react to Barack Obama's speech.

"I've never experienced anything like this... I think that what he had to offer the country tonight will make us all better," she added.

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