Orrin Hatch Subscribes Ben Sasse to Nickelback Mailing List: ‘It’s Not Funny'

Orrin Hatch Subscribes Ben Sasse to Nickelback Mailing List: ‘It’s Not Funny'

Receiving Nickelback’s photographs didn’t make Ben Sasse laugh. The Republican senator of Nebraska took to Twitter to rant about being signed up for the Canadian group’s mailing list on Friday, June 16. 

"To whoever just subscribed my email accts (family, work, obsolete) to multiple @Nickelback promotional & fan newsletters,” he wrote. "It's. Not. Funny.” The mystery prankster was quickly revealed as Utah Senator Orrin Hatch after the 83-year-old took responsibility for the joke on Twitter. "Just didn't want you to miss this,” Hatch replied, along with a photo of the rock band’s cover art for their new album, Feed the Machine. "It must be a big day in the Sasse house.”

Sasse has apparently been a victim of the exact same prank before. In February, the dad of three wrote on Twitter: "somebody just signed me up for Nickelback's mailing list…"

Sasse has previously tweeted extensively about his distaste for the band, currently formed by Chad Kroeger ,Ryan Peake, Mike Kroeger and Daniel Adair. In April, the Vanishing American Adult author pleaded with his followers to buy his book, or he was “gonna start tweeting out Nickelback lyrics.”When a follower responded, joking that “we’re really getting aggressive about our policy toward Canada,” the politician replied with yet another jab at the band. “If it weren’t for Nickelback,” Sasse wrote on April 25, “there’d be no risk of a trade war.”

While the band, which was formed in 1995, has yet to comment on the exchange, it seems the two politicians buried the hatchet later in the day. “Update:” Sasse wrote on Twitter. "@senorrinhatch just DM'd me to apologize." 

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