Paraplegic Man, Fiancee Announce Pregnancy With Funny Viral Photo: 'It Still Works!'

Amanda Diesen and Todd Krieg Credit: Kayla Duffin Photography

Best reveal ever? A paraplegic man and his fiancée are making headlines for their hilarious pregnancy announcement.

In the now-viral pic, Todd Krieg sits in his wheelchair with a thumbs-up while Amanda Diesen holds up her sonogram. Behind them, a brick wall is marked with the words, "It still works!"

The couple got inspired by Pinterest to do the photo op. According to the Today show, the former motocross racer proposed during the January 22 shoot.

"We definitely weren't trying to have a baby — we wanted to get engaged, get married and then start trying in a few years," the future spouses, who live in Ohio, told Today. "We found out at the beginning of December and were extremely shocked and overwhelmed. We took a test together and just about freaked out."

The couple conceived naturally, which was a delightful surprise. "Doctors had said it was possible, but the chances were very slim — that it probably wouldn't happen without help like IVF or other devices," Diesen said.

Diesen and Krieg have since shared their story on a bridal website in hopes of winning a free wedding. They explained that they began dating in 2015 after Krieg suffered a spinal injury during a race a year earlier. Diesen was his physical therapist who took care of him at a recovery center in California.

"I found him so handsome but was so afraid to be unprofessional and hit on a client. Thankfully Todd got the drunken courage on Halloween night 2015 to confess his attraction for me. When he was done with therapy in summer 2016, he moved back to Ohio. I decided I couldn't do long distance and knew I wanted to be with him, so I picked up and moved cross country," she wrote. "The joy he brings me is unexplainable and he is my best friend. I admire Todd for the struggles he's been through and hardship he now faces with being in a wheel chair and unable to walk. He is in constant pain from his injury, yet finds a way to put on a happy face in order to love me and others well. I think it takes patience, understanding and a humble heart to love on someone in his situation, and I am so thankful I've been given the opportunity to spend my life with this man. We are blessed to have each other and are truly a perfect match."

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