Penn Badgley "Not Good" at Dressing for Halloween

Credit: Getty Images

Move over, Dan Humphrey. Last Halloween, Penn Badgley tried another alter ego for size: a mullet-sporting hick named Dwight.   

"I'm actually not good at Halloween costumes!" the Gossip Girl star claimed to at Wednesday's Hennessy Artistry Series FInale in New York.  In 2008, Badgley, now 22, tried to go incognito to avoid being recognized by fans.  ("In New York, a lot of young people come out for Halloween, and a ton of them watch the show," he explained.)

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His "disguise"?  "I put on a long mullet wig, a fake moustache and a cut-off T-shirt," he told Us.  "I went as 'complete white trash' and had my friends call me Dwight all night."

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The outrageous look didn't go unnoticed.  "I think it drew more attention to me!" the actor (and boyfriend to costar Blake Lively) admitted.

Just in time for the scary season, Badgley's horror flick The Stepfather comes to theaters Oct. 16.