President Obama, Michelle Obama Welcome Donald Trump, Melania to White House: Watch

President Obama, Michelle Obama Welcome Donald Trump, Melania to White House: Watch

President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump met at the White House on Thursday, November 10, after the business mogul’s shocking victory in this year’s election. Watch them shake hands and discuss their interaction in the video above!

The 44th POTUS, 55, and Trump, 70, sat down to discuss the country’s upcoming transition when the ex-Celebrity Apprentice host takes over the Oval Office this coming January. Michelle Obama and Trump’s wife, Melania, also met as well.

After their sit-down concluded, Donald and Barack spoke to the press about their discussion. “We talked about some of the organizational issues in setting up a White House,” Barack said. “We talked about foreign policy. We talked about domestic policy. And, as I said last night, my No. 1 priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our President-elect is successful.”

He continued: “And I have been very encouraged by the interest in President-elect Trump wanting to work with my team around many of the issues that this great country faces. And I believe that it is important for all of us regardless of party and regardless of political preferences to now come together, work together to deal with the many challenges that we face.”

Obama also spoke bout wife Michelle’s meeting with soon-to-be First Lady Melania. “Michelle has had a chance to greet the incoming First Lady and we had an excellent conversation with her as well," he said. "And we want to make sure that they feel welcomed as they prepare to make this transition.”

He then turned to Trump to say, “Most of all, I want to emphasize to you, President-elect, that we now want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed, the country succeeds.”

Trump then made his own remarks about his meeting with Obama. “This was a meeting that was maybe going to last for 10 or 15 minutes. We were just going to get to know each other. We had never met each other. I have great respect. The meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half. And it could’ve, as far as I’m concerned, it could have gone on for a lot longer. We discussed a lot of different situations, some wonderful and some difficulties. I very much look forward to dealing with the President in the future including counsel.”

He added: “[Obama] explained some of the difficulties, the high-flying assets and some of the really great things that have been achieved. So Mr. President, it was a great honor being with you. I look forward to being with you many, many, many more times in the future.”

The two ended the brief press conference by shaking hands and posing for a few photos. 

As previously reported, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Obama called from his private residence in the early hours of Wednesday morning to congratulate Trump and invite the Republican candidate to Washington, D.C. Earnest said that Obama’s discussion with Trump would focus on “what steps we can take as a country to come together after this hard-fought election season.”

During a Wednesday, November 9, speech outside the White House’s Cabinet Room, Obama — who was a vocal proponent of Trump’s Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton — expressed that he wanted to meet with the real estate tycoon for the sake of our country.

“I had a chance to talk to President-elect Trump last night, about 3:30 in the morning I think it was, to congratulate him on winning the election, and I had a chance to invite him to come to the White House tomorrow to talk about making sure that there is a successful transition between our presidencies," Obama said. "Now, it is no secret that the president-elect and I have some pretty significant differences. But remember, eight years ago President Bush and I had some pretty significant differences. But President Bush's team could not have been more professional or more gracious in making sure we had a smooth transition so that we could hit the ground running. And one thing you realize quickly in this job is that the presidency and the vice presidency is bigger than any of us.”

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