Price Is Right Announcer George Gray Wipes Out on Treadmill: Watch the Video

The Price Is Right announcer George Gray fell off a treadmill on the show Thursday, Jan. 15 -- watch the funny video here!

This is every gym rat's worst nightmare! The Price Is Right announcer George Gray tumbled off a treadmill on Thursday, Jan. 15, but he handled the accident like a true professional.

The incident began when host Drew Carey asked Gray from behind the curtain for the prize options available to a contestant.

"They said it couldn't be done!" Gray, 47, remarked in his beloved game-show voice. "It's an off-road motorcycle, a new range, and a new treadmill!"

The partition opened to Gray on the fitness equipment, impressively running backwards as he continued his introduction. His gravity-defying exercise was short-lived, however, as he attempted to make his way off the rotating belt and ended up falling flat on his butt instead.

As much as the fall looked like it (really, really!) hurt, Gray -- lying on his back -- took the moment to regain his composure. Carey, meanwhile, was unable to contain his laughter and scrambled off to the side, while the baffled contestant gaped at Gray from afar.

A Vine from the incident soon emerged on the Internet, featuring a slowed-down, up-close look at the sequence of events.

Watch how Gray handled the situation in CBS' clip above!