"Gangnam Style" Singer PSY Drops Crazy New Music Video for "Daddy": Watch Here

But really, where'd you get that body from? "Gangnam Style" hitmaker Psy dropped yet another catchy tune and bizarre new music video on Monday, Nov. 30, for his latest single, "Daddy."

Naturally, the pop anthem is accompanied by a video of the Korean singer busting out fresh dance moves and acting out a strange story.

The clip begins in the neonatology unit of a hospital, where a doctor delivers a baby and hands the child over to his proud father, Psy. The face of the baby, however, belongs to (gasp!) Psy  and the tune follows the kid from his infant years to grade school, where he chases around girls  including his teacher.

Like "Gangnam Style," the lyrics of Psy's new single are a mix of Korean and English. For example, Psy says at one point, "My name is P-S-Y, 한국말로 박제상" — which translates to: "In Korean, [my name is] Park Jae Sang."

The catchiest, most memorable line in the song, however, is repeated by CL, a member of superstar Korean girl group 2NE1. She says, "Hey, where'd you get that body from?" while Psy flails his arms and legs to the beat. He then replies, over and over again, "I got it from my daddy."

Joining baby Psy and grown-up Psy in the video is elderly Psy, and all three generations are clearly pros at womanizing.

Watch them work it above!

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