Raising Sextuplets Couple Split

Bryan and Jennifer Masche, stars of WE's Raising Sextuplets, have called it quits.

According to RadarOnline, she filed for legal separation at the Yavapi County Superior Court in Ariz., Sept. 17 -- nearly three weeks after he was arrested for resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and threatening domestic violence during a family spat.

The two, who wed in 2004, have admitting seeing a relationship counselor after numerous fights in front of their 3-year-old children.

Despite his recent arrest, Bryan has insisted he is not a dangerous man.

“I’m not a criminal," he told Radar recently. "Look at my record - I was in the United States Air Force for eight years before working in pharmaceuticals. Now, I’m running my own finance company. At the moment I don’t want to comment further on this incident.