Rep: George Clooney Recovered From Bout With Malaria

Credit: ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images

There's no shortage of ladies willing to nurse George Clooney, 49, back to health, but a rep for the actor tells that he's just fine after contracting malaria during a recent trip to Africa.

"George is completely over the Malaria he contracted while in the Sudan during the first week in January," says the star's rep. "This was his second bout with it."

During a Friday appearance on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight -- which was taped January 13 -- Clooney jokes about how he contracted the disease, saying, "I guess the mosquito in Juba looked at me and thought I was the bar."

But now that he's on the mend, the Oscar winner has a more serious message to share about the disease that non-profit group Malaria No More reports kills 2,200 children in Africa every day -- one every 45 seconds.

Clooney says in a statement, "This illustrates how with proper medication, the most lethal condition in Africa, can be reduced to a bad ten days instead of a death sentence."