Report: Duchess Kate Gets Training to Ward Off Kidnappers

Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty

Duchess Kate is ready to kick some kidnapper ass!

British paper The Sun claims that the Duchess of Cambridge, 29, has undergone secret SAS training to deal with potential kidnap threats.

"The Palace want to ensure Kate's new status doesn't make her vulnerable to attack," a source is quoted as saying. "She has been well trained in what to do should the unthinkable happen."

During Kate's "very tough" training, she's brushed up on survival skills -- how to react when attacked and how to forge a dialogue with a kidnapper during a hostage situation.

"The VIP kidnap protection training teaches how to cope both mentally and physically," the source explained.

Past pupils of the royal course, taught by members of the SAS, MI5 officers and Scotland Yard officials, included Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, the late Princess Diana and Prince William himself.

Kate's hubby, now 29, got his training at the age of 16, when he was taught how to fire a machine gun and how to react to an ambush.