Sanaa Lathan: What's in My Bag?

Celebrity News Nov. 15, 2013 AT 6:55PM
Sanaa Lathan, 42, empties her purse for Us.
Sanaa Lathan, 42, empties her purse for Us. Credit: Michael Pirrocco

Sanaa Lathan, the star of The Best Man Holiday (out November 15), is always ready to dance the night away, thanks to the flip-flops in her Stella McCartney tote. "I've been known to put them on after an event," says the L.A.-based actress. "You can expire after a while in heels!" What else does she stow?

Scarlet Fever

"I carry MAC's Ruby Woo matte red lipstick. It's a classic. If you ever want to get a little glam, just put a bit of that bad boy on."

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Opening Up

"I have two mystery keys in here - no idea what they unlock. Maybe they'll be the keys to the heart of some man who comes into my life!"

Spice Girl

"If I get little salt and pepper packets from takeout, I keep them in my bag. I add salt to everything."

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Howl Cute!

"I have a red laser light that I shine on the floor for my briard, Sophie, to chase after. My bulldog, Pops, just watches her with his tongue hanging on the floor."

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Spilling Secrets

"I love Child's perfume oil. The scent is so fresh. Once I didn't put the top on, and my bag smelled really fresh.'"


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