Scott Foley Dishes on Kerry Washington and His Other Scandal Costars -- Watch!

Who knew?! Scott Foley dished on his Scandal costars during an interview with Huffpost Live on Monday, Oct. 20, and some of what he shared might surprise you!

For one, Kerry Washington may portray straight-to-the-point fixer Olivia Pope, but when she's not in character, she's quite the jokester. "Kerry has a great sense of humor and she's always up…to be the butt of a joke as long as everyone laughs at it," Foley, 42, shared, adding that she's also the set cheerleader. 

"She does this thing for the beginning of every episode, where the first shot, we are usually sitting around a table, and she bangs on the table and [everyone joins in] and she screams, 'Episode 407' or '406,' or whatever it is — It's a great energy lifter."

As for fellow costars Tony Goldwyn and Bellamy Young, Foley revealed that Goldwyn's hair "is all real" and that Young has "a laugh as if you've been shot out of a cannon."

Watch the clip above to find out which Scandal star watches horror flicks in their trailer to relax between takes!

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