Just when you thought she had conquered social media with her extreme bikini pics, Tara Reid is at it again, this time on Vine. The American Pie star, 39, joined the social media platform on Wednesday, Feb. 18, posting two new videos, presumably on the set of Sharknado 3

In the first clip, Reid is sitting in a hair and makeup chair with a woman standing behind her pulling out her lengthy extensions. 

“When Girls Go to the Hair Salon they be like…..,” she captioned the video of her screaming, “Ahhhh, you’re ripping out my hair!”

The typically racy actress was covered up in the videos, wearing a long sleeve purple shirt and gray sweatpants. 

In the second clip, Reid poses next to a shark prop, writing, “When I See a Shark I be like…” before shouting, “Hey, I hear there’s a Sharknado coming! Get outta here!”

Watch the videos and tell Us what you think of Tara Reid’s new Vine account!