The Situation Plans to "Stay Respectful" With Karina Off Dance Floor

Credit: ABC

Karina Smirnoff, who has been romantically linked to most of her Dancing With the Stars partners, expected rumors to swirl about her and The Situation.

She just can't believe people are gossiping so soon.

"They've already been saying that?" she asked this week after taping the hit ABC show.

The Situation (real name: Mike Sorrentino), 28, told Us he will keep things professional.

"We look really good together, and we'd probably have cute kids, but I'm pretty sure she has a boyfriend," he said. "Unless something happens with that, I'm going to stay respectful. So that's that situation."

The two scored low this week, but they vow to do better next week.

"I thought I did good, but then the judges blasted me, and I was like, 'Wow!'" he told Us. "I went home on YouTube and watched it. I even called [Karina] and said, 'Are you looking at YouTube? What did I do wrong?'"

Said Smirnoff, 32, "There's room to grow."