The Weeknd Opens Up About His Sex Life, Says He Wants Kids Before Marriage

The Weeknd Opens Up About His Sex Life, Says He Wants Kids Before Marriage

Keeping it 100. The Weeknd opened up in a new interview with GQ about his sex life, and the “Starboy” singer — who recently began dating Selena Gomez — told the magazine that he has a nontraditional outlook on love and marriage.

Asked if fame has had an effect on his dating game, the 26-year-old Grammy winner, who appears on the cover of GQ’s February 2017 issue, told the magazine that his ego has remained intact since bursting onto the pop music scene in 2015.

“Listen, I’m not walkin’ around like f--kin’ Idris Elba, know what I mean? It’s like … You’ll probably describe me in this f--kin’ thing,” he said. “I’m not — look at me, this is who I am. I’m not gonna walk into the club and be like, ‘Oh shit, I’m the sexiest guy in here.’”

The Toronto native (real name: Abel Tesfaye) suggested that most girls want to get with him for his talent and not his looks. “The reason why they want to f--k with me is because of what I do [in the studio],” he explained. “So I’d rather just focus on doing that.”

The Weeknd also told GQ that when it comes to settling down in the future, he would rather start a family before tying the knot. “I feel like I’m the kind of guy that would have kids before getting married,” he said. “The first thing would be kids. Marriage is scary to me, man.”

Despite his former relationship with model Bella Hadid — who he split from last November after nearly two years together — and his budding romance with Gomez, 24, the “Can’t Feel My Face” crooner revealed that his career is more stimulating than his love life.

“Right now I’m much more, like, self-regulating than I was four years ago, when I first started getting everything and enjoying life. I don’t focus on it as much as I used to. You know what I mean? Before it’s like, ‘Holy f--k — this is amazing.’ Right now, it’s like a good song turns me on way more,” he confessed. “Like, that gets me horny, like, literally gets me horny.”

The Weeknd’s revelations come just days after he and Gomez were photographed making out on Tuesday, January 10, while leaving Santa Monica restaurant Giorgio Baldi. In photos obtained by Us Weekly, Gomez smiles as she embraces her new beau. At several points in the night, the couple leaned in for a few kisses.

“They came out and they were so happy,” an eyewitness told Us. “They were hugging and kissing. … Selena was all over him, hugging, kissing [him]. She looked amazing and so incredibly happy and in love.”

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