This Woman Lost 210 Pounds: See Her Incredible Before-and-After Photos

Khristina Hubac didn’t attend her senior prom. Bullied mercilessly for her size, “I didn’t feel good enough to put on a pretty gown for people who put me down for so many years,” the Calgary, Canada-based entrepreneur, 27, tells Us Weekly. “I was getting picked on regularly by one guy … I worried that night he would ridicule me and make comments about how fat I looked in my dress.”

The child of Slovakian parents, Hubac grew up in a home free of scales. “Body image wasn’t really spoken of and you happily finished your plate of dumplings,” she tells Us. “I didn’t even know what fat was until I started preschool, when I heard it for the first time from another little boy. All I knew was that my parents loved me for me, and little boys didn’t like fat.” 

Elementary school girls were just as cruel. “One told me it was pointless to apply makeup and dress when you are heavy,” says Hubac, who, at age 10, weighed 195 pounds. “On my lunch hour, to avoid bullying, I would beg my mom to pick me up or purposely put myself in detention just because I knew I was safe there,” says Hubac.

At her heaviest, 6-foot Hubac weighed 410 pounds and consumed upward of 3,000 calories a day. During her regular night binges, Hubac — then a size 26 — would stuff herself full of croissants slathered with mayonnaise, brownies and cheesy pasta. “I wanted to go scuba diving or skiing, but couldn’t fit into a wetsuit or find ski jackets for my size,” she says. “Airplanes were always out of the question, and I wasn’t even able to walk around for more than three hours without needing a nap.”

But in February 2012, Hubac decided she had had enough of her weight holding her back. “I thought to myself, ‘I need to do something.’” She did: In four years, Hubac has lost an astonishing 210 pounds with swimming, circuit training and walking six days a week.  

On April 27, she tried on her very first prom dress. “i’m 27 years old & im trying on my first prom dress. (in my active wear) Its so cute lol.” she wrote on Instagram, alongside the photo of herself in a mint green gown. “Will someone sneak me into their prom?”

Follow Hubac’s progress here.

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